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Grasp your dreams!
If you want to be a hero, you need to grasp your dreams!
You know, I'm kind of bored...

Anybody wanna go do something?

((OOC: LOL Lets plot gaiz))
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Your flames, your secrets, your threads, your wank.

Bring it.

Comments can be Anon, IP Logging is off.

This goes for Zack Fair im_not_ded_yet, and Roxas existanceindark

This also goes for those I've played and dropped

Miles Edgeworth thegreatrevival
Klavier Gavin das_guitar_hero
Shirley Fenette zero_romance
Katsuya Jounouchi 2ndrateduelist
And Toboe howling_pup

Or even if you want to talk about ME sorcererhuntres Go ahead.

I'm waiting.

Or you can blast me all over RP!S again. Go ahead, use this post for ammo, too. Nothing constructive has been said, anyways. If it's something personal about me, tell me. Hide behind your Anon if you'd like.
I'm sick of this.
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How.... Did I...?

I have no idea what happened...
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Where am I? This doesn't look like Gongaga anymore. I know I was wondering around the Jungle but I don't think I've gone this far...

Hey HEEEEEEEEEY~ Anybody around here?!

Tch, where is everyone around here?
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Aerith is...

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[There's the sound of breathing and a few steps over foliage and other things]

What... did...

[finally the footsteps stop and it sounds as though the user has sat down.

There's a heavy sigh before he speaks again]

What did I do...
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[It's dark and it seems as though nothing is happening on the screen until something moves. It's hard to tell exactly what it is. It looks as though a shadow is spreading from an unknown source and the shuffle of leaves can be heard.

Suddenly, a large heavy sword is plunged into the earth and darkness spreads from it, nearly engulfing the camera.]


[The camera is lifted up and glowing yellow eyes come out from the darkness]

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Where is everybody?!

[there's the sound of a fireball making contact with something]
Ken, get over her-Hyaaah! [Something is being slashed but it's hard to tell what it is]

Somebody help me out, here!
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.... This place confuses me.

PRIVATE-HackableCollapse )

I'll probably back in my apartment next week. I'll pay you back for everything, Cissnei.
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[There's a low groan, and the shuffling of sheets... the creak of bed springs and it's as though the user has no idea he's being recorded.]

Ah... It hurts...


[the L337 Pod is picked up and a few buttons are being pressed. For a few minutes it's silent with the exception of the occasional button being pressed.]



[Everything is silent until a choked sob comes through and the L337 Pod is dropped with a loud clatter against the floor]

[End Transmission]
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